Bus Transport Rules

  • Parents should consult the school's transport in-charge for necessary details of bus routes or any changes desired.
  • In case there is a permanent change in stop or bus, permission for the same has to be sought through an application. The change shall become effective only after the school grants written permission.
  • Parents should ensure that their wards are always escorted to and from the bus stops.
  • A student using the school bus is expected to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus.
  • The students should wait on the correct side of the arriving bus.
  • Parents should not enter school buses to see off or receive their wards.
  • Please do not overtake or stop the school bus to facilitate the boarding of your wardas it endangers the safety of the children.
  • Students are allowed to use only their allotted bus and bus stop. There is no provision for any temporary change in buses or bus stops.
  • Students who miss the allotted bus, should not try to board any other school bus. In such case it is the responsibility of the parents to drop their wards to the school. Such students may, however, return by their allotted bus.
  • Parents / Guardians of students who do not avail school's transport should present themselves at the school gate, 10 minutes before the start / dispersal of the school to drop / collect their wards.
  • Student should be disciplined while using the school transport, violation of rules may lead towards the debarring of bus facility.

Pupils using the school bus must follow the following rules:

  • Always board or alight the bus in a line.
  • Never keep any part of your body outside the window.
  • Never damage any part of the bus, its your property.
  • Never shout or play inside the bus.
  • Never alight from the bus when it is moving.
  • Never rush towards the bus when you have to board.