Special Assembly

Month Date Days Topic House on Duty
April 07-04-2022 Thursday World Health Day Gandhi
April 09-04-2022 Saturday Adi Shankaracharya Ashoka
April 14-04-2022 Thursday Ambedkar Jayanti Raman
April 18-04-2022 Monday World Heritage Day Raman
April 22-04-2022 Friday Earth Day Tagore
April 30-04-2022 Saturday Ashoka Ashoka
May 01-05-2022 Sunday Workers' Day Ashoka
May 07-05-2022 Saturday Rabindranath Tagore Gandhi
May 07-05-2022 Saturday Laughter Day Gandhi
May 08-05-2022 Saturday World Red Cross Day Gandhi
May 11-05-2022 Wednesday National Technology Day Raman
May 13-05-2022 Friday Mother's Day Raman
May 15-05-2022 Sunday International day of the Family Raman
May 24-05-2022 Tuesday Common wealth Day Tagore
July 11-07-2022 Monday World Population Day Raman
July 21-07-2022 Thursday Good touch and Bad touch Ashoka
August 05-08-2022 Friday International Friendship Day Raman
August 08-08-2022 Monday World senior Citizen's Day Raman
August 29-08-2022 Monday National Sports Day Gandhi
September 27-09-2022 Tuesday World Tourism Day Gandhi
September 28-09-2022 Wednesday Bhagat Singh Jayanti Gandhi
October 02-10-2022 Sunday Gandhi Jayanti and Shashtriji's Jayanti Raman
October 03-10-2022 Monday World Habitat Day Raman
October 04-10-2022 Tuesday World Animal Welfare day Raman
October 08-10-2022 Saturday Indian Air Force Day Raman
October 16-10-2022 Sunday World Food Day Ashoka
October 24-10-2022 Monday UN Day Gandhi
October 31-10-2022 Monday Sardar Patel / Unity Day Raman
November 07-11-2022 Monday CV Raman Jayanti Tagore
November 09-11-2022 Wednesday Uttarakhand Day Ashoka
November 14-11-2022 Tuesday Children's Day Ashoka
December 01-12-2022 Thursday World AIDS Day and Good touch and Bad touch Tagore
December 04-12-2022 Sunday Indian Navy Day Tagore
December 07-12-2022 Wednesday Indian Armed Forces Flag Day Ashoka
December 10-12-2022 Saturday Human Rights Day Ashoka
December 23-12-2022 Friday Kisan divas Raman
December 24-12-2022 Saturday Indramani Badoni Raman
December 25-12-2022 Sunday Christmas Day Raman
January 09-01-2023 Monday Sundarlal Bhaguna Jayanti Ashoka
January 12-01-2023 Thursday Vivekanand Jayanti Gandhi
January 15-01-2023 Sunday Army Day Gandhi
January 23-01-2023 Monday Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti Raman
January 30-01-2023 Monday Martry's day Tagore
February 12-02-2023 Sunday Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti Gandhi
February 28-02-2023 Tuesday National science day Tagore
March 08-03-2023 Wednesday International Women's Day

Note: Special Assemblies for the days falling on Saturday and on holidays will be held on the preceding Friday.