School Events List

Events Date Day Teacher's Incharge
Investiture Ceremony 16-07-2022 Saturday Balvinder Singh , House In- Charges
Independence Day 15-08-2022 Monday Balvinder Singh , House In- Charges
Teacher's Day 05-09-2022 Monday Sanjana Bhatia and Kashish Sharma
Grand Parent's Day 10-09-2022 Saturday Suruchi Arora and Deepti Rawat
Alumni Meet* 15-10-2022 Saturday Satpal Singh, Balwinder Singh and Poonam VInayak
Founder's Day 20-11-2022 Saturday Balvinder Singh, Satpal Singh and Pallavi Sharma
Children’s Day 14-11-2022 Monday Ishan Virla, Furkhan Khan and Deepti Rawat
Republic Day 26-01-2023 Thursday Balvinder Singh, House In- Charges
Blessing Ceremony 10-02-2023 Friday Class Teachers of Class XII
Farewell* 11-02-2023 Saturday Class Teachers of Class XI
Sport’s Day* 14-02-2023 Saturday Balvinder Singh and House In-charges