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News Headline 77th Independence Day Celebration held on 15th Aug, 2023
Detailed News India, a country with one of the robust democracies, is a nation everyone vows to. We feel immense pride to be called “INDIAN”. Independence Day is celebrated every year on the 15th of August. This day embarks the independence of India from British rule, and we all celebrate this day to commemorate the emergence of India as a free nation! Being under British rule, India wasn't free. And it was the blood and sweat of fearless and valiant freedom fighters that made us call ourselves the citizens of a “Free”, and democratic nation. This day is special for all nation lovers and ignites the feeling of patriotism in every Indian. The day was celebrated in SRVM with great enthusiasm where some patriotic songs were presented by students after the flag hoisting by the principal, Mrs. Babita Agarwal Srinivas. At last, sweets were distributed to all. for pictures, open the link
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